Crime Time News partners with NY Hall of Science CSIT

Breaking News: CSIT Event Held at the New York Hall of Science!

About the Program

Crime Scene IT (CSIT) is a new initiative of the New York Hall of Science, with funding from the National Science Foundation. CSIT provides lesson plans, portable technology labs and intensive training for teachers in New York City middle- and high schools who in turn bring CSIT into their classrooms, giving their students hands-on experience using state-of-the-art digital tools to gather and analyze data to solve forensic science “mysteries.” Each mystery is a standards-based curriculum module that integrates IT skill development and higher-order thinking skills with the application and mastery of curriculum science concepts.

The Crime Scene IT project works with teachers in New York City schools with an emphasis on reaching low-income students, minority students and first-generation college-bound students. It seeks to instill in these students the motivation and the capacity to pursue advanced study in Math and Science.

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